LED Mobile Advertising Display Van

We’re happy to introduce the most innovative form of advertisement that is guaranteed to boost your brand recognition 50 times more than any other media channel.

Best Advertising Agencies in Bangalore

We provide state of the art LED Displays which are used for Media and Advertising through public advertising in LED Vans. The LED Technology makes the picture visible in bright daylight giving the viewer a sharp and crisp picture quality. LED Screens that we provide are of premium quality and deliver great viewing experience and are long lasting. Best for Daylight advertising in Road Shows, Exhibition, Product Displays and other advertising and Promotional activities.

Best LED Advertising Agencies in Bangalore LED Vehicles

Mobile LED Van Advertising is one of the effective ways of reaching mass audience quickly. This allows advertisers the flexibility to be seen in a variety of locations as well as the option to display different messages – achieving greater market reach and a tactical presence.

We can deliver your message to a vast number of people quickly and efficiently. A message can be targeted to your audience in varying ways throughout the day – from going to work, coming to home, out shopping, relaxing, working out or visiting friends and family etc.

Your Benefits :

  • Target a specific geographical area
  • Gain over 40K impressions per day
  • Create memorable impression with attractive graphics on digital billboards

As an advertising platform, Digital Ad Vans/Trucks give you the opportunity to initiate meaningful relationships with your audience through creative and inspiring visual displays. Broadcast your video or slideshow on a screen, and your advertising becomes an event that everyone wants to be part of. Our High Resolution Screen LED Video Truck takes your message higher than any other in Bangalore, India…!