Ad Tracking

“If your advertising goes unnoticed, everything else is academic.”

Advertising is a key component of all media. The insight to refine advertising plans, advertising monitoring and make strategic business decisions is extremely essential. Advertisement tracking can even be helpful to determine the total ROI (return on investment) value of advertising per month. It even enables you to track competitors advertising campaigns and identify where they stand.

Ad Tracking in Bangalore

Ad tracking or campaign tracking refers to techniques used to monitor the “in-market performance” of advertising. Ad tracking uses a combination of pre-testing and post-testing. Pre-testing is used to establish benchmarks against which the actual performance of a campaign can be measured during and after the campaign has run. A particular area of concern during an advertising campaign is the problem of advertising wear-out. When audiences are repeatedly exposed to the same message, the level of attention begins to plateau and eventually decays. Any further repetitions may cease to be noticed or may alienate target audiences. When wear-out occurs, additional advertising expenditure is simply wasted. One way that advertisers avoid wear-out is to use repetition with variation – that is, the use of different executions of the same message. Post-testing qualitative and quantitative measures taken during or after the target audience has been exposed to the message or advertising campaign and used to track the extent to which advertising is achieving the desired communications objectives. Campaign tracking can assist advertisers to determine when to introduce a new execution of the same advertising message or to fine-tune the campaign.