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Advertising campaigns are the groups of advertising messages which are similar in nature. They share same messages and themes placed in different types of medias at some fixed times. The time frames of advertising campaigns are fixed and specifically defined.

To reach a wide audience of all classes, hoarding advertising is the most preferred outdoor advertising media today. It has been a way for branding products of all kinds and has been in use since long. This trusted medium can be used in the most profitable way in association with Sai Media Solutions. Sai Media Solutions has business tie-ups with various outdoor advertising agencies operating in major cities all over South India. It offers a wide range of outdoor advertising formats like hoardings, bus shelters, bus panels, pole kiosks, glow sign boards etc., to choose from.

Sai Media Solutions - SMS

The main principle of Sai Media Solutions is to create an effective outdoor advertising plan for its clients. These plans are not only economic but also focused to top the target audience. Expert teams design plans to suit the requirements of clients. Every campaign designed by our team goes under scrutiny process in order to ensure the best possible way to benefit your brand/organisation.

Sai Media Solutions

We explore best locations so that your brand reaches your target audience. We make sure that every plan of ours is economic as well as cost effective. We help you to promote your brand in any part of South India. Our media planning research, quick execution and value added monitoring system will give great exposure to your campaign. We can deliver desirable and measurable advertising campaigns within a set time frame so that the campaign kick starts quickly. We would love to help make your esteemed brand more popular amongst your target audiences.


Premium locations with excellent attention-value:

Poster advertising on exclusive, time-limited construction site hoardings in public spaces in the centre of city and around the city.

The hoardings are located in areas with plenty of traffic, at junctions of main access routes into city where congestion is likely to occur, and in the city center itself, where you can communicate your message without competition.

Sai Media Solutions - Hoardings_1

With highly driven ethnically excellence, we are actively committed towards offering a large collection of Hoarding Advertisement for our precious patrons. This service is available in various options as per the demands of our esteemed customers. The provided services are used in highway and city roads for advertisement. The offered services are highly acknowledged by our patrons owing to its high quality.

Large-scale production for powerful brands:

Sai Media Solutions - Hordings in Bangalore

Sai Media Solutions Hoardings/Billboards make sure your brand has a presence that cannot be overlooked. Selected sites in city ensure that your advertising message maintains a high profile and makes a big impression.

Our knowledgeable team of Hoardings/Billboards specialists will devise the perfect large-format setting for your brand. Sai Media Solutions offers you a full range of services from a single source: from consulting, through securing official permits, to production, assembly and dismantling.

Mobile Van Advertising

Mobile Van advertising is a form of transit advertising, displaying a brand or business promotional message in busy towns and cities. Branded vans can be positioned stationary outside of events, or can go mobile for increased exposure.

Sai Media Solutions provides effective Out of Home Advertising solutions to small business owners, nationwide companies and famous brands. We offer unique, effective and high frequency outdoor advertising campaigns for any client and any advertising budget.

LED Display Mobile Advertising Van

LED Van for rent in Bangalore and Karnataka

LED Screens built on to mobile vehicles, can be deployed to engage, captivate and deliver your marketing messages, direct to your target audience, when and where you choose. LED van is a newer concept in LED displays. It is specially designed as portable advertising medium to reach maximum people. To break the clutter of conventional advertising medium, LED display is mounted on van to enable the portability.

LED Van for rent in Bangalore and rest of Karnataka_1

Although mounted on van, LED display provides same impact as any other LED display. It is high brightness & robust LED display that can showcase videos, images & animations.

  • Bright, Vivid, Attention-grabbing displays
  • Unique content opportunities
  • Operational from anywhere
  • Complete control of your message
  • Low maintenance & High durability
  • By adding special effects and video presentations in mobile LED displays, companies can grasp more attention from customers
  • Mobile LED advertising is inexpensive as compared to traditional advertising medium because mobile LED vans can reach to thousands of customers daily in an effective way.

Now Play your advertise on LED screen with Sai Media Solutions…

Center Median Display Advertising Van


Mobile Van, also known as mobile billboards, are the perfect mobile advertising vehicle to promote your product, brand or service. Target your consumers whilst they’re on the move and promote anything from:

Center Median Advertising Van for rent in Bangalore and rest of Karnataka

  • Store openings or re-launches.
  • Product launches.
  • Sales, special offers or discount’s.
  • Exhibitions and events.
  • Public safety or announcement messages.
  • Campaigning or vote generation.
  • and anything else you can think of – be creative, our Advans offer a high impact creative space to take your message onto the road.

More importantly, Sai Media Solutions – Mobile Van can:

  • Create Advan advertising campaigns based on your objectives, budgets and market.
  • Make an impact for your brand without taking a large chunk from your marketing budget.
  • Travel on pre-determined routes during prime time traffic periods.
  • Target competitor locations.
  • Target areas with key events attracting your audiences i.e. music festivals, food festivals, flower shows, carnivals, sporting events and many more.

Sai Media Solutions – Mobile Van Advertising does not:

  • Require your customer to buy and read a newspaper or magazine.
  • Require your customer to view specific websites.
  • Allow your customer to change the TV or radio channel.
  • Allow your customer to walk to the fridge or skip through television breaks.

Contact us for more information on our Mobile Display Vans…

Pole Kiosk

Pole Kiosk Advertising- Effective, Incisive & Impactful…!

Pole Kiosks/Lamp Post Advertisement – the most efficient and impressionable way of advertising and branding. Pole Kiosk Advertising comprises of putting up small and compact advertising billboards on electric poles, back to back in a row on major city roads.

These small but conspicuous pole kiosk billboards attract roving eyes of large number of people passing through these roads. Their eyes come and rest on these boards because of their attractiveness and hence they become an very effective medium to draw attention and create an ever-lasting impression on the mind space of movers on the roads.

Sai Media Solutions - Pole Kiosks

Placed at such strategic positions, our pole kiosks are and on such important locations that they just cannot go unnoticed. The presence of these pole kiosk billboards is capable of drawing the undivided attention of passers-by. If properly mixed the pole selections and kiosk creations can do wonders to promote brand awareness.

Pole Kiosks- Total brand recall…!

Sai Media Solutions - Pole Kiosks Advertising Lamp Post AdvertisingOne of the most conventional means of outdoor advertising – Kiosks is being used by clients for a long time now because of their popularity and success. The biggest advantage of launching an ad campaign through pole kiosks is that it provides good brand recall on customers’ mind space through repeated exposure of the brand message. Pole kiosks are visible everywhere. You can see pole kiosks within the Airport premises, at car parks, in malls or on roads. Sai Media Solutions offers clutter-free, effective and impactful promotion solutions for various products, services and brands.

Pole Kiosks- Conventional yet the right strategy…!

Sai Media Solutions - Pole Kiosks - Lamp Post AdvertisingLamp post banner ads are one of the conventional modes of OOH Advertising which are still in practice. Sited everywhere – in the streets and roadsides, lamp post banners allow advertisers to target precise geographical locations and provide massive appeal to customers of that particular geographical location. Choose pole kiosk advertising and branding at Sai Media Solutions. We will design the perfect advertising pole hoardings for you keeping in mind your needs while creating tremendous brand awareness. We will be your partner in getting you business just the way you want..!



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